Baptist Hospital began serving South Florida in 1960 with its excellent and highly qualified staff and the best technology to provide a model for treatment capabilities matched by few community hospitals. Baptist Hospital welcomes its patients with a warm atmosphere, lush foliage and Italian Renaissance Architecture. Serving a growing number of people from the United States and World Wide with its complete medical and technological services makes it the natural choice. Baptist Hospital is located at 8900 N Kendal Drive near the University of Miami.

The mission of Baptist Hospital is to improve the health and well-being of individuals, and to promote the sanctity and preservation of life, in the communities they serve.

Baptist Hospital is known for treating many health issues, diseases and illnesses including heart patients. Baptist Cardiac and Vascular Institute is accredited by eight independent credentialing organizations and comply with the standards of seven professional medical associations. Baptist Cardiac and Vascular Institute is set apart from other medical centers that treat the heart and circulatory system separately. To treat the entire cardiovascular system as a single entity is the Institutes philosophy. The Heart Surgery Team is well trained to care for cardiovascular patients. Baptist Cardiac and Vascular Institute has restored heart health for tens of thousands of patients since 1987. Training at several of the country’s best medical institutions there are over one hundred board-certified specialists. Clinical trials to continually improve surgical methods are led by these specialists. Patients can take full advantage of the research that shortens their recovery period and lengthens their life. Baptist Cardiac and Vascular Institute offers services for comprehensive cardiac (heart) and thoracic (lung). Treatment of coronary artery disease, which occurs when the coronary arteries narrow, and in America is the leading cause of death. Treatment of heart valve disease which controls blood flow through each of the heart’s four chambers and is vital that they function correctly.