Wynwood is home to the Fashion District, famous Art Wall, prestigious Art galleries, international artists and extravagant restaurants.  From the many fabulous places to eat located in the heart of Wynwood, CAFEINAS Wynwood Lounge stands out as an eclectic multi-use venue that is much more than a delicious tapas infused and cozy restaurant.  This popular spot has great DJ sounds to dance the night away while serving as an event space and art gallery.  Romantically lit outdoors have hammock beds which make this place unique and different.  Their menus change with the seasons and Pomegranate Mojitos and Martinis will provoke your senses in unimaginable ways.   CAFEINAS and Jimmyz Kitchen are the places to visit to get a true authentic taste of Wynwood.  Jimmyz Kitchen has just about every possible type of Mofongo. The savory Seafood Zarzuela and the Chicken with Portabella and Arugula are unbelievably delicious as are their many other healthy and vegan menu items.  For a Mexican delight, the Lost and Found Saloon is a hidden jewel with a friendly staff serving free range as well as a fabulous veggie bean burger.  They serve breakfast all day and make a mean hot Mahi-Mahi!  Remember the days when you could slow down and enjoy a nice home cooked meal with family and friends?  Well, at Morgan’s you can do just that.  This place is really special.  From the Lentil soup to the Charred Skirt steak, Morgan’s is home away from home topped with fresh Chicken Pot-pie and sprinkled with warm baked chocolate chip cookies. The finest coffee house in Wynwood can be found at Panther Coffee where you will literally have an out of body coffee experience.  All their coffees are roasted in house with immaculate care.  Owned and operated by Joel and Leticia Pollock, this is a place everyone should have on their bucket list for an unforgettable Coffee Ritual.  Wynwood Kitchen and Bar is the perfect spot for a Happy Hour and I don’t mean just for great wine and spirits.  Wynwood Kitchen’s menu, design and ambience are as appetizing as the beautiful and memorable art showcase.  This magnificent restaurant displays some of the best graffiti street artists in the world while offering a variety of small tasting plates to share.  Excellent wood grilled skewers, roasted mushrooms and Vaca Frita are some of the many dishes to satisfy your palates.  For a great happy hour, Wood Tavern has a full bar and a fun crowd.  The Tacos are quite tasty too. Sugarcane prepares exotic dishes and Tapas with a fun and unique twist and an international potpourri flavor fusion.  Everything is prepared with their in-house organic herb garden.  Sexy and chic, Sugarcane has a fantastic happy hour and ambiance!  CITY HALL can be summed up as very inviting, friendly, vibrant, elegant and soothing.   At City Hall, the restaurant, the food and the service are always exquisite.  Another great place to enjoy an unhurried happy hour can be found at Soyka restaurant bar & lounge where you can also savor mouth-watering dishes.  For a Comfortable yet elegant dining experience, Joey’s serves up delicious and generous portions that are perfect for sharing the Italian way.  Loved their duck and the portions are definitely a must share.  Finally, Andiamos has delectable pizzas, sandwiches and cheese steaks!  Wynwood is certainly a special place in Miami that will warm your heart and sooth your artistic soul.  For restaurant listings in Wynwood, click here.