The electrical panel is often one of the last things homeowners pay attention to. Most homes still have the original panel installed since the 1970’s. As long as it works, why should you care right? Wrong. You might get a nasty surprise when you are seeking home insurance. Most insurance companies refuse to insure homeowners that have the flowing three electrical panels in their home.

  1. Zinsco or Zinsco-Sylvania

Zinsco electrical panels, also known as Zinsco-Sylvania, were installed in homes built in the 1970’s across North America. Homes across America started experiencing the following issues with the panels that lead to a halt in production.

  • Corrosion of the bus bar
  • Aluminum components were found in the panel
  • The panel was conducting power while the breakers were switched off
  • The bus bar and breaker connection were not solid

Some homes still have this panel installed. Electricians recommend immediate replacement.

  1. Federal Pacific Electric Panels

Most homes built between the 1950’s and 1980’s had Federal Pacific Electric Panels installed. These panels were a popular choice for designer and home builders. They seemed to work perfectly in the beginning. However, after a few years, they would overheat, short circuit and cause house fires. Class action lawsuits revealed the Federal Pacific Electric Company had violated the Consumer Fraud Act because they purposefully distributed circuit breakers that did not meet standards.

  1. Fuse Panels

Homes today are built with circuit breakers instead of fuse panels. This is mostly due to the high demand for electricity needed for all of the modern day conveniences. The number of fuses compared to the high demand of electricity in modern homes is insufficient. This means some homeowners that have fuse panels often install fuses too large for the wires. This is a potential fire hazard.

Insurance agencies don’t want to pay out tons of claims for any reason. They have learned over the years that Zinsco, Zinsco-Sylvania, Federal Pacific Electric and Fuse panels have been the cause of house fires. This specific reason causes insurance agencies to reject homeowners. This forces homeowners to replace the dangerous electric panels.

If you are planning to purchase a home it is wise to check the type of electrical panel before making a decision. Keep in mind that most banks will not offer you a loan unless the house is properly insured. An old circuit breaker can halt your dreams of owning a home quickly. If you plan to sell your house that has an old panel, this can also cause an issue and deter buyers. Contact an electrician today to make sure your home has a safe electric panel installed.


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